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Anaika Global, based in India, is a distinguished Human Resource recruitment & management company renowned for over 10+ years of excellence. Specializing in the intricate art of matching skill requirements with the perfect candidates across diverse firms, Anaika Global has earned its reputation as a trusted name in the global job recruitment community.

At Anaika Global, we are more than just a Human Resource recruitment company; we are your first strategic friend in talent acquisition and its continuous management. Based in the vibrant and diverse landscape of India, Anaika Global has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the way businesses discover and harness talent. Our mission is to seamlessly connect organizations with the individuals they need to thrive and succeed.

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Mr. Naveen Sharma
Chairman, Anaika Global
  • Author of Lands of Opportunity – Croatia
    (in collaboration with the Embassy of Croatia in 2005)

  • Expert Lectures on Politics of India
    (for Ambassadors in India on various occasions)

  • Patron of South Korean Culture
    (appointed in 2015 by Embassy of the Republic of Korea)

  • President, Indo Bosnia & Herzegovina Friendship Forum

  • President, Indo Papua New Guinea Cooperation Forum

  • President, Indo North Macedonia Friendship Forum

  • President, Indo Zimbabwe Cooperation Forum

  • President, Indo Togo Cooperation Forum

  • President, Indo Bolivia Bilateral Forum

  • President, Dev Anand Fans Society

  • President, International Society for Co-operation and Development

  • Secretary, Indian Council for Human Relations

  • Chairman, Athena Ventures

  • Chief Mentor, Gyan Election Management

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  Greenfields Colony,
  Sector 41, Faridabad,
  Haryana, India 121010
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